Saturday, September 15, 2007

September Post on The Story of a Shipwrecked Sailor

Although it is not an independent reading selection, this month you will begin commenting on the blog by answering a question about the prologue to The Story of a Shipwrecked Sailor. Read the question below. Then, select the comment link to compose your answer, following the instructions below:

1) Write the question in your answer.
2) Cite supporting evidence from the prologue to support your answer.
3) Include analysis, your thoughts and opinions about Marquez's purpose.
4) Include at least one quote with citation from the prologue to support your answer.
5) At the bottom of your response, write your full name, block and the date.

When you are satisfied with your answer, select Publish Your Comment. Then, return to the main page of the blog and sign out.

Now, here is the question for the Prologue (pages v-ix):

What do you think was the author, Gabrial Garcia Marquez's, purpose in writing the story, and how does his purpose affect your expectation of the story?

Independent Reading Comment Requirements

Sophomore World Literature Students,

Once a month you will post a comment about the novel you have selected for independent reading. Follow the instructions outlined below to complete your comment:

1) Compose a clear topic sentence that includes the author and title of the novel you are reading and the point you wish to make in your paragraph.
2) In an extended paragraph, discuss one of the following literary devices: characterization, conflict, point of view, theme, or setting.
3) Include at least one quote with citation from the pages your are detailing to support and develop your comment.
4) Include Analysis, your thoughts/opinions about the plot and use of the literary device in your paragraph.
5) Complete your paragraph with a summation sentence that refers back to your topic sentence. Do not rewrite your topic sentence.

Once a month you will also post a response to another student’s comment. To respond to another student’s comment, follow the instructions below:

1) Select the comment link at the bottom of the posting.
2) In the window, type your name, date, and block
3) Enter a brief, one paragraph, response to the posting.
4) Preview your comment to check for clarity and that it is error free.
5) Select Publish Your Comment.

Above all enjoy!